Extinguish the Turmoil

Don’t despair. Once the flames have fizzled out and the smoke has cleared, we’ll be there to soothe the situation and fast-track your life back to normality. Timing is critical, so day or night, you can count on us leaping into action as soon as the call comes in. We’ll help to provide immediate relief from the turmoil, finding out what can be salvaged and utilizing high-tech processes to help save further costs

Our experts will carefully assess the full extent of the damage. We’ll keep you clearly informed by explaining what can be saved and how. Emergency fire damage repair services are then employed. Our treatment always includes respectful handling of property as if it was our own. We take extra care and the necessary steps to protect the floor and personal belongings.

Our comprehensive emergency fire damage repair services can reverse much of the effects of fire and smoke damage.

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Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning

Fireline™ Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most thorough cleaning process known to mankind – providing consistent high-quality precision cleaning on a microscopic level.

At Canada Construction we understand that getting you back to normal following property damage isn’t all about fixing walls, windows, fixtures and fittings. Damage to sentimental items can be just as distressing as destruction of property, and sometimes even more so.

That’s why we’re proud to tell our customers that previously unrecoverable valuable items, such as crystal, china, ceramics, figurines, ornaments, jewelry, glassware, porcelains, light fixtures, chandeliers, window blinds, golf clubs, and much more, are now being efficiently and economically cleaned. The Fireline System uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to gently and thoroughly clean hard contents and delicate items without causing damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning removes contaminants like mold, soot and rust more effectively than regular cleaning methods that use harsh chemicals and abrasives, and it is gentle on the environment as well as on your home’s contents. As the company that cares, we’re proud to be able to offer this service to our customers as another important step towards getting things back to normal.